Products :- DMX Splitter
Universal DMX-512 Splitter one in put to Eight Outputs 3-pin XLR
Electronic Isolation between and output
Electronic isolation between output and output
Electronic isolation on each channel
Each DMX output features an independent driver
AC Power : 145 -240V SMPS
Weight : 2lbs (.9Kg.)
Size: Standerd 19"(inch) 1U rack Mount
Specification :
DMX To Analouge Converter : RDM Compatible
Zero to ten volt analog control still has a place in the mordern lighting control world
interfacing to older dimmers, custom controls, animatronics and motion control are just a few of the uses of our DMX512 to 0-10Volt
analog converter.
we currently make 12 channel and a 24-channel version
A 6 Chnnel Driver Board is also availlable with DIP Switch Addressable for OEM Purpose.
Our DMX Decoder is capable of receiving DMX512(1990) single as specified by USITT
Output voltage range is 0-10volts @ 0-10 volts @ 10m amps, no additional cost.
Address Selection Digital with simple 3 switch.addressall 512 channels.
Build in on board terminator.
Fast RISC microcontroller and assembly language firmware.
Capable to drivs solid state Relays.
Output by 8 pin lokable DIN connector.
SMPS Power Supply 140-260v 50Hz.
Standard 19 inch 1U mountable.

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