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MSME Registered Organization

19 inch Rack Mount Model



  Digital Dimmer Specifications: Model DigiDim-624


  * Phase Angle Variation Control by TRIAC

 * Twin microprocessor controlled for complete error free operation

 * Auto reset to previous state in case of disruption of control signal

    or power.

 * UNIVERSAL Auto sensing of supply voltage (90 - 260V AC) for

    worldwide operation.

 * Automatic supply frequency tracking 45 - 62 Hz for error free


 * Forced Air Cooling using Super Silent Fans activated

    automatically on Heat Sink temperature going above 45 deg. C

 * Linear dimming curve 0 - 100%.

 * LED "with & without load present" indicators and Channel

    intensity indicators in front Panel.

 * Radio Frequency Interference suppression better than BS-800


  * 6 channels - 99.5 % duty cycle.

  * 19" Rack mounting - 2 U size.

  * Single or three phase four wire input operation.

  * Control signal (DMX) monitoring LED in front panel.

  * DMX Termination Switch in front panel (Optional).

  * Soft start functions at power up.

  * Pre-Heat setting function as per user requirement.

  * Digital starting address of the dimmer.

  * Individual channel test and Manual operation function.

  * Individual channel Load protection MCB's on each channel

     (10 Amp, 20 Amp & 32 Amp depending on model)



  Wall Mount Dimmer


   Available in 12 & 24 Channels.