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18*10W RGBW 4in1 Led Par Waterproof PAR

Model No: HT-89



18*10W RGBW 4in1 Led Par Waterproof



LEDs:18pcs (RGBw 4 in 1) ,every LED have RGBW colors

Beam angle:15 25 35 45 degree (selectable)

Life time:more than 100,000 hours

Control:DMX512, Master-slave, 3 core interface,master-slave,auto-running


Cooling system:Natural Convection




18*15W Led Par Waterproof

Model No: HT-83



Model No: HT-83

18*15W Led Par Waterproof

Voltage: AC90-240V,50/60HZ

Power: 280W

LEDS: 18x15W RGBWA 5 in 1

Life time: more than 100 thousand hours


Strobe: 1-20 times/ second.

Bean angle: 15o,25o,35o,45o(selectable)

Display board: digital or LCD display

Control: standard DMX 512 signal ,3 core interface, master-slave, auto-running,

Cooling system:Natural convection heat transfer

The light body and color: Aluminum and black.

Connection mode: signal wire in/out, power wire in/out.

IP-Rate: IP 65